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Chương trình trao đổi sinh viên học kỳ mùa Xuân đại học Cao Hùng

Greeting from the National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan!


The information of NUK 2020 Spring Exchange Students Program is as below.


Step 1 - nomination
Please send the nomination list (please see the attached) to by  9th Novbember.


Step 2 - on-line application
Please advise your students to complete the on-line application by 30th Noverber. We only accept the application on-line, no hard copy is needed. (Our system will open in October.)



Due to some adjustments at fall 2018, NUK has 2 additional departments: Department of Architecture and Department of Crafts and Creative Design. Hence, to new founded departments can only be enrolled by certain grades of students, please kindly refer to the chart below:



Study Year at NUK

Department of Creative Design and Architecture (undergraduate)

3rd, 4th year

Department of Crafts and Creative Design(undergraduate)

1st,  2nd year

Department of Architecture (undergraduate)

1st , 2nd year

Department of Architecture (postgraduate)

1st,  2nd year





For ISchool International Students Program has 3 full English lectured programs to enroll in.
-Gateway Program to International Business and Technology

-Gateway Program to Science and Technology 
-Gateway Master Program to International Business, Law and Management

NUK Departments and Colleges à

Course informationà


Welcome all students who are interested in studying at NUK to come!!