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VNUHCM - University of Information Technology (UIT) is a regional leader in research and teaching. We offer various prestigious programs in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), ranging from computer engineering, computer science, software engineering, computer networks and communications, information systems, information science and engineering and much more. With an energetic and enthusiastic workforce of young and talented scientists, we thrive to create an exceptional learning environment for our students. As one of the seven members of Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM), UIT carries the mission of training and providing a world-class IT labor force. One university, one campus, +8000 undergraduates and MSC/PhD. students, 78 Professor/Ph.D Lecturers, 155 MSc. Lecturers, 6 faculties.
(For foreign students)
Why UIT? We offer a friendly and diverse learning environment with flexible study programmes, lots of support, and hands-on experience to build the skills you need for your career and your future.
Programs: 1. Information Technology
2. Information Systems
3. Computer Science
4. Software Engineering
5. Computer Engineering
6. Computer Networks &
Data Communications
7. Information Security
8. E - Commerce
9. Data Science
10. Artificial Intelligence
Faculties: 1. Faculty of Computer Engineering
2. Faculty of Computer Science
3. Faculty of Software Engineering
4. Faculty of Computer Networks & Communications
5. Faculty of Information Systems
6. Faculty of Information Science and Engineering
At the moment, exchange programs are available for the following courses:
No. Course ID Course tittle Faculty Credit
1 NT118 Mobile Application Development Computer Networks and Communications 3
2 NT105 Data communications Computer Networks and Communications 4
3 NT532 Advanced Internet of Things Technologies Computer Networks and Communications 3
4 NT132 Network and system administration Computer Networks and Communications 4
5 NT219 Cryptography Computer Networks and Communications 3
6 CE118 Digital Logic Design Computer Engineering 4
7 CE103 Microprocessor and microprocessor Computer Engineering 4
8 CE222 Digital Integrated Circuit Design Computer Engineering 4
9 CE224 Embedded system design Computer Engineering 4
10 CE213 Digital System Design with HDL Computer Engineering 4
11 IS2 Data Mining Information Systems 4
12 IS403 Data Analysis in Business Information Systems 3
13 CS106 Artificial intelligence Computer Science 4
14 CS5423 Principles of database systems Computer Science 4
15 CS4283 Computer network Computer Science 3
16 MSIS2433 Object Oriented Programming Information Systems 3
17 CS4323 Design and Implementation of Operating system Information Systems 3
18 CS4273 Software Engineering Information Systems 4
19 CS3443 Computer Systems Information Systems 3
20 CS4343 Data structures and algorithms Information Systems 4
21 STAT3013 Intermediate Statistical Analysis Information Systems 3
22 MSIS207 Web Applications Development Information Systems 4
23 IEM5723 Data, Process and Object Modeling Information Systems 3
24 CS5433 Distributed database systems Information Systems 3
25 CS4243 Algorithms and Processes in comp-security Information Systems 3
26 MSIS402 Cloud computing Information Systems 3
27 CS3653 Discrete Mathematics for computer Computer Science 3
28 STAT4033 Statistics Information Systems 3
29 MSIS5723 System Analysis and Design Information Systems 4
30 MSIS4013 Database system design, management and administration Information Systems 3
31 MSIS3303 System Analysis and Design Information Systems 4
32 MSIS3033 Information Systems Project Management Information Systems 3
33 ACCT5123 Enterprise Resource Planning Information Systems 3
34 MSIS405 Big data Information Systems 3
35 MKTG5883 Advanced Data Mining Applications Information Systems 4
36 MSIS4263 Decision support and business intelligence applications Information Systems 3
37 CS4153 Mobile Applications Development Computer Science 3
No. Course ID Course tittle Faculty Credit
1 CSBU101 Computer Programming Computer Science 20
2 CSBU102 Computer Systems Computer Science 20
3 CSBU103 Website Design and Development Computer Science 20
4 CSBU104 Data Structures and Algorithms Computer Science 20
5 CSBU105 Network Fundamentals Computer Science 20
6 CSBU106 Innovation Project Computer Science 20
7 CSBU107 Object Oriented Programming Computer Science 20
8 CSBU108 Operating Systems Computer Science 20
9 CSBU109 Database and Web Application Development Computer Science 20
10 CSBU110 Discrete Mathematics and Declarative Programming Computer Science 20
11 CSBU111 Cyber Security Computer Science 20
12 CSBU112 Software Design Computer Science 20
Am I eligible?
Deadlines for Fall semester Deadline for home institute to nominate student to UIT: 1 June Deadline for student to submit UIT application form (once nomination has been approved by UIT): 15 July Deadlines for Spring semester Deadline for home institute to nominate student to UIT: 30 October Deadline for student to submit UIT application form (once nomination has been approved by UIT): 15 November
Semester dates and deadlines We have two semester intakes per year for inbound exchange students.
Students who participate in exchange programs are eligible to stay in Dormitory B (block C3) or Guest House, if available.
Both the Guest House and Dormitory B are within walking distance (4 km). Public transport is also available by taking bus number 33, 53, 99 (waiting time: 4 - 20 mins). Costs of room’s types in Dormitory B are very affordable. Room for 8 students ranges from 6 USD to 9 USD; Room for 6 students ranges from 8 USD to 12 USD; Room for 4 students ranges from 19 USD to 37 USD; Room for 2 students ranges from 36 USD to 73 USD (electricity, water, and other services not included)*.
For students who want well-equipped rooms, a Guest House is another option. For 02 student, price is 270 USD/ month; for 4 students, price is 350 USD/month (electricity, water, Wifi included)*
Campus life and facilities Housing
The exchange program is open to all students from our partner institutions (listed below) who meet the English language requirements, as well as other criteria depending on the faculty and/or program. Students must be in good academic standing.
English language requirements: Students must satisfy English language proficiency: TOEIC score of 400+ or equivalent.
Exchange students may enjoy meals at UIT cafeteria or local restaurants around UIT with an affordable price from 2 - 3 USD/meal*. Or students can explore other authentic cuisine in district 1, Binh Thanh district, etc. which are only 15 km away.

* All of the above fee and cost are estimated only and may change overtime.
* Exchange rate: 1 USD = 26.000 VNĐ
Campus life and facilities Dinning
As UIT students, you have access to Study, Research and Professional experiences abroad. We are committed to enabling global learning for all students. You also have access to increased, needs-based funding to facilitate your experience abroad. Explore your opportunities today.
There is so much to learn beyond the classroom and going on student exchange programs. UIT will give you the opportunity to choose from prestigious international institutions around the globe. These exchange opportunities provide both undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to take core or elective courses at any of our partner institutions, as non-degree students.
No matter where or for how long you go, learning abroad will shape you and how you see and relate to the world. Gain exposure to different cultures, backgrounds, and forms of teaching.
ACADEMIC ADVANTAGE Most students do not view their education in the same way after going abroad. Expand your horizons by experiencing a different academic environment, connecting with students and professors with diverse backgrounds and engaging in enriching discussions. You will develop your soft skills while boosting your academic profile.

Experiencing different styles of education will enhance learning quality and will expose you to fresh perspectives – be it an elective, a research project or a core course.
GLOBAL ADVANTAGE There is so much to learn beyond the classroom. Global competence isn’t just a buzzword. It is a set of skills necessary to navigate and succeed in today’s interconnected context. A learning experience abroad will provide you with an appreciation of diversity and the ability to connect and work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. As you learn to navigate and live out of your comfort zone, you will also become more independent and self-confident. No matter where or for how long you go, learning abroad will shape you and how you see and relate to the world. Gain exposure to different cultures, backgrounds, and forms of teaching

Live beyond your borders!
PROFESSIONAL ADVANTAGE Businesses are now global, economies are interconnected, and international experience is increasingly necessary to be on top of the game. Such experience not only tells about your academic achievements, but about your determination and employability skills.
APPLY To apply for Learning Abroad opportunities, the process differs on the program of your interest. In some cases, there may be an online application portal open to students which contains certain deadlines and procedures. You should ensure your eligibility, and prepare all the required documents beforehand. You can apply directly through individual experiences.
EXCHANGE OPPORTUNITIES The Exchange Program offers the experience of developing employability skills, globalizing classroom content, and expanding networks.
EXCHANGE OPPORTUNITIES International experience is about more than crossing borders and visiting other countries. It’s about gaining a global perspective on your classroom content, experiencing life-changing moments in your dream destination, and making the most of your university experience by developing valuable skills for the future workplace. It’s about the meeting of different people, languages, traditions, values and ways of interpreting the world — international experience is intercultural experience.
● Traveling to a new country builds confidence and expands your comfort zone.
● Learning to connect with people from different cultures leads to quicker adaptation and success in new environments.
● Intercultural competencies will help you manage the challenges of a global workplace.
● International experiences cultivate cultural and interpersonal understanding and help build more effective communication skills.
● Speaking multiple languages builds higher-level cognitive abilities