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International Scholar Exchange Fellowship Program of Chey Institute for Advanced Studies, Korea

Detailed information about the program is as follows:

1/ Subject:

- Researchers from universities and research institutes from Vietnam, with PhD degrees.

- Applicants must meet the age conditions: under 50 years old, have good health conditions to carry out the proposed research.

- Applicants must be able to conduct research in English.

- The candidate must not be conducting research in Korea or whose main need is to teach in Korea.


2/ Application deadline: applications are submitted online at the program website, all applications must be fully sent to Chey Institute before February 23, 2024. Admission results will be announced on March 29, 2024.


3/ Financial support: including research grants, funds to promote scientific publication, living allowance, air tickets, etc. For detailed information about financial support, please refer to the program website.


3/ Research support: including support for participating in Korean language courses, cultural experience trips and working trips with industrial parks and research centers.


For detailed information, please refer to the program website at